Big Week Of Scrimmages

Angry Tiger Are You Ready

Fall Sports at Tiger Tech is about to kick off very soon!  Before long, we will be packed into Br. Thomas More Stadium for some Friday Night Football and fingernail-biting excitement from the Tiger Soccer team! But let’s hold that crazy yell of jubilee for a couple of more days because those seasons are not quite here!  Golf is underway and it looks like they are shaping up to be one of the best teams in the state.  Here’s to hoping this next week shows that the other Fall Sports are in for just as good of seasons!

First, tonight at 5:30 PM, the Tiger Soccer team scrimmages CAL on both the JV and Varsity levels.  This will surely be a good look into what to expect from Coach Schulten’s squad this fall.  Tiger Nation, we would love to see you make the trip to Christian Academy now that the traffic is back to normal on Shelbyville Road out by Valhalla.

On Friday night, the Pioneers of Simon Kenton come to town for the final tune-up before the 2014 Tiger Football season kicks off on August 22.  This will be an intense scrimmage as it always is because of the Northern Kentucky pride in their high school football and how they strive to be up to par with the Louisville area teams.  Although it isn’t the real deal, yet, let’s head on over to Br. Thomas More Stadium to check out Coach Wolford’s Tigers for the last time before Ballard shows up in… oh my gosh… 10 DAYS!!!

Tiger Cross Country is almost set for a title defending season for the third straight year, but first they will host a practice meet against Manual at 8:30 AM at Seneca Park on Saturday morning.  The Tiger Harriers usually dominate this preseason showdown, but nonetheless it will be a good measuring stick for Coach Medley to see where his guys are heading into the season.  All reports coming out of the training sessions seem to point to another stellar year on the horizon.

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Senior at Saint Xavier High School. Editor-In-Chief of WSTX Sports.

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