projects Tiger Cross Country to win 4th straight title

Run Gre4t released their pre-season region and state virtual meets today. The virtual meets are purely based off each runner’s average times from the 2013 season.

The projections point to St. X dominating Region 3 AAA once again. How dominating? Well you can look below to see.

Virtual Meet Standings

The pre-season virtual meet also projects the 2014 State Championship. Cooper and Trinity are the Tigers biggest competition but based on last year’s average times, the Tigers are the favorites to win it for the 4th straight time.

In the virtual meet, Spencer Hayden placed 5th, William Mulloy placed 8th, Ben Glover 14th, Ben Kleine-Kracht 17th and Andrew Garvey 22nd. Henry Geisler placed 27th, Tyler Just placed 28th and Matthew Thomas placed 29th.

St. X won the team race with 66 points. Cooper placed 2nd with 100 points, and Trinity placed 3rd with 161 points.

Go Tigers!


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