Summer Shootout Schedule

Lucas Miller | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Lucas Miller | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Here’s the schedule for this weekend’s sixth annual Summer Shootout boys’ basketball event at St. Xavier. Admission is free. First games listed are at Wills Center, second game at Sterne Gym.  Come see the 2014-2015 Tigers in action against some of the best competition in the state including the defending state champion Colonels of Covington Catholic.


2 p.m. – Varsity North Oldham vs. Eastern; JV Central Hardin vs. Oldham Co
3:10 – Varsity Central Hardin vs. KCD; JV North Oldham vs. Oldham Co
4:20 – Varsity North Oldham vs. Butler; V Bowling Green vs. Eastern
5:30 – Varsity Bowling Green vs. Bardstown; JV North Oldham vs. St. Xavier
6:40 – Varsity Central vs. Bardstown; V KCD vs. Oldham Co
7:50 – Varsity Male vs. Doss; V Central vs. Oldham Co


9 a.m. – JV St. Xavier #2 vs. Oldham Co #2; JV Eastern #2 vs. KCD
10:10 – Varsity Covington Catholic vs. Central; V Eastern vs. Bullitt East
11:20 – JV St. Xavier #2 vs. Eastern #2; JV Oldham Co #2 vs. KCD
12:30 p.m. – Varsity Covington Catholic vs. Eastern; V Bullitt East vs. Central
1:40 – Varsity St. Xavier vs. Bowling Green; V Bardstown vs. Butler
2:50 – JV St. Xavier vs. Bowling Green; JV Oldham Co vs. J-Town
4:00 – Varsity St. Xavier vs. Bardstown; V Bowling Green vs. Butler
5:10 – JV J-Town vs. St. Xavier #2; JV Bowling Green vs. Oldham Co
6:20 – Varsity J-Town vs. Oldham Co; V DeSales vs. North Oldham
7:30 – Varsity DeSales vs. Oldham Co; V J-Town vs. North Oldham


12:30 p.m. – Varsity Covington Catholic vs. Bullitt East; V Doss vs. Bowling Green
1:40 – Varsity Manual vs. Monroe Co; V J-Town vs. Spencer Co
2:50 – Varsity Covington Catholic vs. Bowling Green; V Bullitt East vs. Doss
4:00 – Varsity J-Town vs. Monroe Co; V Manual vs. Spencer Co
5:10 – JV Eastern vs. North Oldham; JV DeSales vs. Oldham Co #2
6:20 – JV St. Xavier vs. Bullitt East; JV Butler vs. Manual
7:30 – JV North Oldham vs. DeSales; JV Eastern vs. Oldham Co #2
8:40 – JV St. Xavier vs. Butler; JV Bullitt East vs. Manual


9 a.m. – JV Bullitt East vs. Male; JV Butler vs. North Oldham
10:10 – Varsity Doss vs. Monroe Co; V Bardstown vs. North Oldham
11:20 – JV Bullitt East vs. North Oldham; JV Butler vs. Male
12:30 p.m. – Varsity Doss vs. Bardstown; V Monroe Co vs. North Oldham
1:40 – Varsity Manual vs. Owensboro Catholic; V Bullitt East vs. Monroe Co
2:50 – JV Owensboro Catholic vs. Fern Creek; JV Shelby Co vs. North Hardin
4:00 – Varsity Bullitt East vs. Manual; V North Hardin vs. Owens Catholic
5:10 – Varsity St. Xavier vs. North Hardin; V Shelby Co vs. Fern Creek
6:20 – JV Shelby Co vs. Fern Creek; JV Owensboro Cath vs. North Hardin
7:30 – Varsity St. Xavier vs. Shelby Co; V Male vs. Fern Creek

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Senior at Saint Xavier High School. Editor-In-Chief of WSTX Sports.

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