No days off for Tiger Cross Country

Coach Chuck Medley | Photo by Tim Porco

Coach Chuck Medley sets the tone when it comes to the team’s preperation | Photo by Tim Porco

Throughout the summer, Running Times is highlighting six different high school cross country teams and their summer training programs. This week, they took a look at summer training for the Tiger Cross Country team.

The running dedicated magazine and website featured our twenty time state champion cross country program because why wouldn’t they?  On a national level there isn’t many other schools that have had the success the Tigers have had over the last decade and beyond running.

In this article, Marc Bloom dissects the training regiment of Coach Medley’s Tiger Harriers during the summer.  They talk about their early summer approach, overall training, hill training, specific techniques and how this program is so innovative when it comes to how they get better.

St. Xavier has an ambitious program that starts with 45 miles a week and reaches 70 in nine weeks. It includes accelerations, fartlek, tempo runs and hill work. After eight weeks, they do another 5K time trial to see how far they’ve come and establish new benchmarks. After that, they add long intervals at faster than tempo pace.

[Endless Summer: St. Xavier Boys Use Time Trials For Training Targets]

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