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Hello Tiger Sports Fans!  This summer, we are looking to grow WSTX Sports even more than it has in the past two years.  There are new ideas on the table that will increase the level of coverage for all Tiger sports teams, players and coaches.  We are very excited about the direction the club we is headed and want you to be a part of it!

With the new avenues we will be exploring comes the need for more help in staffing.  We are interested in adding members to the WSTX Sports team.  If you are an aspiring photographer, writer, journalist, filmmaker or any other profession in the media industry, your talents would be used to their full potential with us. You can participate as little as or as much as you want. Putting your skills into action also looks great on a college resume!

It is time to cast a net and add some new contributors to the WSTX Sports family from our readership.  So we are asking you, do you have what it takes to contribute to WSTX Sports?

Here is What We are Looking For:

1. Creative Writers: If you decide to apply for one of these positions, make sure and let us know what sports you would focus on and what you consider your expertise. Remember, most will say basketball and football, so if you have an interest in another area, please let us know. You can be any skill level and have any aspirations for any certain profession as a writer. Even if you aren’t interested in a career in writing, all you must have is a desire to write about St. X sports.

2. Multimedia Enthusiasts: Tiger Sports has expanded to video, photos, graphics and social media, and we are looking for anyone who is interested in working with the production of Tiger sports on these platforms.  Do you have an eye for a great photograph?  Come take pictures at Tiger sporting events as a part of Tiger Sports TV.  Your photos will be featured on the website, which is viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.  Do you consider yourself creative in making short films or videos? Our audience is waiting to see what you have to bring to the table! We need students who want to film live games and students who want to film documentary-type films about St. X’s athletes and teams.

We are looking for passionate fans and enthusiastic journalists—we know you are out there. If you come down this path, it can literally change your career, just as it did for Clay Bollinger, Joe Dawson, Jacob Hayslip and Tommy Sullivan. Now is the time for you to try!

To Apply, EMAIL with this information:

— Reference in SUBJECT OF THE EMAIL as to what field(s) you are interested in

— A couple of paragraphs on who you are, information about yourself, why you are interested…a biographical look at the person applying. Make sure to use this as a time to sell us on you as it will be (at least until we interview you) our only chance to know who you are as a person.

— At least 1 WRITING SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK. This can be created specifically for this application or something you have done elsewhere. But we are interested in seeing your contributing ability. (This also means tweets, aka your creativity)

— Contact information and schedule availability. If you are chosen, how often, and when, would you be available to write or contribute to WSTX Sports?

Our vision is that you will join us as a secondary hobby to whatever career you are pursuing now, but with the possibility of advancement, just as other WSTX Sports writers have done before. We need your submission by MONDAY, JUNE 30. We will spend some time reviewing the applications and then be in touch by early-July.

This is an exciting time for WSTX Sports and we are eager to pursue the next phase of the site’s growth this summer. We hope to have you a part of it and look forward to reading your submissions. Thanks and as always, remember, Go Tigers!

About Jacob Hayslip

Senior at Saint Xavier High School. Editor-In-Chief of WSTX Sports.

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