Reasons to not be discouraged

Not too long ago, we wrapped up a 5-peat in Lacrosse | Photo by Tim Porco

Not too long ago, we wrapped up a 5-peat in Lacrosse | Photo by Tim Porco

In the past five years, Tiger Lacrosse has made the trip east to Virginia to take on some of the toughest competition in the country.  They have faced top Division-I caliber players and nationally ranked teams in each match-up that has set the tone for the remainder of the year in each season.

Winning has been scarce during these trips, but here are some reasons as to why it is not that much of a problem and why you should not be worried!

Let’s take a look at the past five seasons for Tiger Lacrosse and how they fared in Virginia.


LOSS- St. Anne’s Belfield 4-12
WIN- Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 7-6
WIN- Western Albemarle 9-8

Season Result: State Champions
Record: (13-3)


LOSS- St. Anne’s Belfield 6-11
WIN- Norfolk Collegiate 13-6
LOSS- Western Albemarle 7-12

Season Result: State Champions
Record: (14-7)


LOSS- St. Anne’s Belfield 5-7
WIN- Norfolk Academy 11-6
WIN- Western Albemarle 17-4

Season Result: State Champions
Record: (13-4)


LOSS- Georgetown Prep 3-14
WIN- Western Albemarle 16-3
LOSS- Christchurch 8-22
LOSS- St. Anne’s Belfield 3-15

Season Result: State Champions
Record: (12-7)


LOSS- Georgetown Prep 2-18
LOSS- St. Anne’s Belfield 6-7
LOSS- Norfolk Academy 7-8
LOSS- Blue Ridge School 8-14

Season Result: State Runner-Up
Record: (15-6)


LOSS- St. Anne’s Belfield 5-6
LOSS- Norfolk Academy 3-10
WIN – Blue Ridge School 15-7

Season Result: ?
Record: (?-?)

Besides 2009 and 2011, Tiger Lacrosse has been below .500 in the win column in Virginia, but notice the season result… State Champions or Runner Up.  It is no secret that Kentucky Lacrosse is a little bit behind some of the northeastern schools, but the game is improving each year here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The scores reflect that we have been competitive in most of the match-ups against top level teams.  A goal here and there and most of the those become wins for the Tigers.  The lessons these tight games have taught our teams over the years have been crucial come playoff time.  Think back to the 2012 State Championship game, Trinity had the lead late in the game, but the team did not give up because they were so experienced in tough ballgames that they had the extra push to propel them to a state title in overtime!

While losing is never the goal and very rare around St. Xavier, if this trend continues, then we will be playing for a state championship later on this season!

Glass half full. Go Tigers!

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