On to the Next One

Junior Austin Clemons surrounded by his teammates after scoring the winning run

St. Xavier came into Tuesday’s game with a record of 33-4 playing Logan County. Ryan Lemond, co-host of the well known Kentucky Sports Radio announced the game, and what a game it was. Logan County entered the highly anticipated game with 7 players who participated in the 2009 Little League World Series. The Tigers dramatic defeat of Male launched them into this tense showdown with Logan County. Despite an astounding showing by sophomore pitcher Caleb Bruner (7-3), the Tigers reached the quarter finals by edging Logan County 2-1 and advancing to play PRP. PRP fell to the Tigers 12-0 earlier in the year.

The game started slowly with the first run being scored in extras. Bruner threw a no hitter up until the final pitch. Senior Sam Melchoir displayed brilliance of his own, throwing in the 80’s consistently and only allowing one hit before being replaced by Ben Britt. Britt closed out the game and allowed Logan County’s only run in the 8th.

Bruner, who also pitched in the Little League World Series, allowed a double to Austin Clemons which was his only hit allowed. With the bases loaded, Andrew Hubbs came up to bat and it a hard groundball to the second baseman. The ball was bobbled, which gave University of Louisville committ Austin Clemons the green light to run. The second baseman committed a walk off error off of Hubbs’ hit, which would ultimately seal the deal for the Tigers as Clemons scored the winning run into a pile of his teammates as the Tigers advanced to the quarterfinals.

Austin Clemons gets the first hit of the game

Saint X takes on PRP in action Thursday at 6. The Panthers will undoubtedly seek revenge in a game guranteed to be full of emotion for both sides. The Tigers will again be tested as they try to “hold the rope” on their way to state.


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